5 Tips On How to Take Classic Engagement Ring Photos

Congratulations! He proposed and you said “YES”!

You probably can’t wait for the wedding to happen so you can start a new life with your beloved as soon as possible. Many things might be running through your mind but remember to bask in this once-in-a-lifetime moment with your fiancé. After the initial rush and adrenaline, you’ll probably want to call your parents to share the news, send a quick text to your best friend, and marvel at the beautiful diamond or gemstone on your ring, of course! You’ve shared your new status as bride-to-be with the most important people in your life. Now, it’s time to share your happy news with the rest of the world! What better way to do that than to post a photo of your glittering moissanite ring on that finger?

Best Practices For Taking Engagement Ring Photos

Many people in Singapore post engagement ring photos on platforms like Instagram where extended friends and family can all be alerted at the same time. In the digital age, a social media post functions as a modern day engagement announcement. Whether you’re thinking of posting the classic ring selfie, a pic of both your hands, or an image of your solitaire Tiffany diamond sitting pretty in its turquoise box, here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you get that perfect photo to hashtag #shesaidyes.

1. Opt For Natural Lighting

Precious gems like diamonds and moissanites look better under natural lighting. Snapping a quick pic under fluorescent lights may give your photo a tint that distorts the beauty and natural colour of your engagement ring. Natural sunlight is always best, and the brighter the better. Thankfully, Singapore is known for having sunny skies so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If you find yourself indoors, consider snapping the shot next to a window. Just remember to avoid overcast days.

2. Remember Your (Gemstone’s) Angles

All gemstones from the outrageously expensive Tiffany diamonds to more affordable but equally beautiful moissanites  are cut so that their facets are facing different directions. Experiment with tilting your hand different ways, or positioning your camera at different angles to see which angle catches allows your ring to catch the light better. At Princess Gem, all moissanite gems on our engagement rings are certified as “Excellent”. This means that the quality of its proportions, angles and facets come together to ensure maximum shine and sparkle.

3. Get Your Nails on Fleek

If your partner pops the question by surprise and it’s been a while since your last trip to the manicurist, there’s no need to worry! You can always be creative and experiment with shots that frame your nails out of the image. For example, ask your partner to hold your fingertips while he takes a photo of your ring, or don’t stretch your fingers out fully! There will be other opportunities to take pictures of your ring (such as during your wedding day or pre-wedding photoshoot), so don’t sweat it if the first shot doesn’t turn out the way you want it too.

4. Focus on the Bling

The last thing you want to do is to upload a blurry pic of your engagement ring. If you’re using your smartphone’s camera to snap a pic, make sure that the focus is on the ring and not the surroundings. It might help if you position your solitaire in the middle of the frame. After all, you do want the ring to take centre stage. If not, just tap on the ring to get the focus to lock in place. Every care is taken to ensure that our lab grown gems resemble classic diamonds so show off your bling with pride! Take multiple shots for a pool of options to choose from!

5. Caption Your Photo

Accompany your photo with the perfect caption. This is the one time in your life you get to hashtag #shesaidyes #proposal #engaged! Show off your ring, but avoid gratuitous bragging. Keep it short and sweet or detailed and personal. The choice is yours. Remember to include your thanks for all who helped make this happen. Don’t forget to tag us if your chosen engagement ring features a Princess Gem moissanite! We love celebrating with our customers!