Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal Event in Singapore

Proposing to your partner is a once in a lifetime event that should not be taken lightly. To propose marriage indicates your commitment and desire to spend the rest of your lives together as spouses. From selecting the right engagement ring to the location of the proposal, planning a proposal in Singapore can often feel like an overwhelming task. Thankfully we’re here to help! In this blog post, we’ve put together some important things for you to consider before popping the all-important question.

Location - Where Will You Propose?

Where you choose to propose will set the tone for the rest of your engagement event. You may want to select a location based on your significant other’s personality and preferences. For example, if your sweetheart is a nature lover, proposing at a beautiful park or Singapore’s Botanic Gardens might be an option to consider. On the other hand, if your future fiancé is a city lover, she might appreciate the proposal event being held somewhere with a great view of the skyline, such as a rooftop restaurant or a bar.

If you’re undecided on what your partner might prefer, it’s difficult to go wrong with a location that holds significance to the both of you. For example, the place you shared your first kiss. You’ll also want to consider the aesthetics of the location. Will you need props and other items to embellish the space? Are there significant mementoes or photographs from your relationship you would like to use as decorations?

Loved Ones - Who Will be Present?

Will you opt for a large celebration with many friends and extended family members, or will this event be a more intimate gathering with only a select few individuals? While it is common that good things must be shared, a romantic relationship is ultimately only between the lover and the beloved. If your sweetheart has hinted that she would prefer a one-on-one proposal without the fuss and fanfare, you might want to honour that request.

Consider the possibility of hiring photographers and videographers to immortalise this moment in beautiful visuals. It can also be an excellent opportunity to test out the shooting style you hope to employ for your wedding day itself. Check the portfolio of photographers and videographers carefully as it is a once in a lifetime event that cannot be recreated. 

The Speech - What Will You Say?

In addition to an engagement ring, a proposal is usually also accompanied by a speech. How do you plan on popping this all-important question? Some might opt to read a letter or memorise a speech beforehand. Others keep it simple and sweet with just a few sincere words from the heart. Practise beforehand so you do not stumble during the proposal. 

The Engagement Ring - Which Ring Will She Love?

An engagement ring is an essential piece of jewellery that your partner will wear not just on the wedding day but for the rest of their lives. While diamonds are traditionally favoured as the centre stone for engagement rings, do your research on the different options available and consider your future fiancé’s preferences, including any ethical stances they may have. Some might prefer a conflict-free gemstone like moissanite. Others hope to make an environmentally friendly ring choice by choosing an engagement ring with a lab-grown gemstone. Selecting the correct ring size will also save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Do consider how much you’ll be spending on the ring. There are many beautiful options other than diamond engagement rings in Singapore. Moissanite makes a smart alternative as it is a highly durable gemstone that bears a striking resemblance to a diamond. Choosing a moissanite engagement ring will guarantee a beautiful heirloom piece for the bride without costing an arm and a leg. You will be able to allocate more of your budget to your wedding day or your honeymoon.

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