The Ultimate 2022 Guide To Buying An Engagement Ring




Due to the global pandemic, people are getting engaged more than ever before. A lot of couples are proposing marriage after isolating together. Being stuck at home for a long period of time, it has nudged couples into spending more time together with their pandemic buddies. With the new norm, buying an engagement ring has significantly changed with more people shifting to online shopping.

Buying an engagement ring can be an emotional, exciting yet intimidating experience. Security in jewellery stores are made even more intense with the current COVID situation. With masks, temperature checks, social-distancing, it has made shopping for an engagement ring even more intimidating than it already was.

But you can avoid all the headaches of engagement ring shopping by choosing to shop online instead. Princess Gem offers top notch service with quality engagement ring options that your partner will definitely love!

Here are the best tips you should observe in choosing the best ring for your life-defining moment.


Step 1 - Pick Between Online or Offline Shopping 

Start by determining whether to buy online or visit a physical store. With the new norm of working from home, online shopping is becoming the popular choice of shoppers. Customers trusted sites such as Princess Gem can be a lifesaver with its popular jewellery collection.


Step 2 - Do Your Research

It is important to get an engagement ring that truly resonates with your partner in terms of style, colour, and design. Ask her friends or family about her style if it is going to be a surprise. It is also important to consider the 4C's:  Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. 4C's is the global standard for accessing the quality of diamonds. By evaluating the 4C's you will be able to eliminate different diamonds and arrive at the perfect engagement ring that your life partner will proudly accept. Princess Gem's moissanite experts are available to talk via Zoom, chat or email to get some answers or recommendations!


Step 3 - Between natural diamonds or lab-grown gemstones

At Princess Gem, only lab grown moissanites are available as the brand believes it is the only way to ensure your stone is 100% ethically sourced. It's important to understand the difference between natural diamonds and lab grown moissanites including the cost price and how they're being certified. 

Lab-grown moissanites are becoming a popular eco-friendly and ethical alternative to natural diamonds. Here are a few must-know facts about lab grown moissanites vs natural diamonds:

1. Lab grown moissanites appears almost identical to natural diamonds
2. The mined diamond industry has a history of unethical practices, so buying a lab grown moissanite is a good way to ensure your stone isn't a 'blood diamond'
3. Princess Gem's moissanites passes the diamond test & comes with a certified lab grading report consisting of the 4C's


Step 4 - Get Your Desired Diamond Shape

The most popular shape is round brilliant cut, however there are many other unique diamond shapes to choose from. Some fancy shaped gemstones such as ovals and emeralds can make your diamond appear larger than it really is. Ovals are the latest trend and the most trending design is an oval shape diamond on a super thin band.


Step 5 - Chose The Engagement Ring Setting

Within a ring, the setting holds the gemstones together. Different settings provide a different degree of protection and different finishing to your engagement ring. With tons of settings available, you can choose between a vintage style or modern classic settings. Be sure to talk to your partner, family, friends or search online for the perfect setting. You can also take a sneak peek at their jewellery box to get a good idea of what style they like.


Step 6 - Pick A Metal

Most Princess Gem engagement rings come in 18k white, yellow and rose gold as well as white gold triple plated sterling silver with over 92.5% silver content.  While yellow 18k gold rings are trending right now, getting a silver engagement ring can be a great choice as it is easy to pair with everyday outfits & accessories. Do choose your metal carefully as this is going to last forever. 

From doing your research, picking the right setting, design, metal, and size – this ensures you have better knowledge to choose the right ring. 

While shopping for an engagement ring has its obstacle, shopping at Princess Gem provides you with a limitless option to ensure you get the perfect ring. We are certain she will love your choice!