Learn How to Properly Care for Your Moissanite Engagement Ring

How to Care for Your Moissanite Engagement Ring in Singapore

how to care for your engagement ring princess gem singapore

Sparkle and shine are an intrinsic part of what makes an engagement ring beautiful. Whether you’ve opted for a moissanite or a diamond ring, now that you have the ring of your dreams, you’ll want to do your very best to ensure it stays in top condition.

“Should I take my engagement ring off when I shower?” “What about during exercise?” “Can I sleep with my engagement ring on?”  These are some common questions you might have had while inspecting your precious ring.

Not to worry, there is a time and place for everything. Read on below for some things to keep in mind if you want to protect and preserve the beauty of your engagement ring.


Tip 1: Be Mindful of When & Where to Take Your Ring Off 

When it comes to taking off engagement rings, it seems that most ring owners in Singapore and beyond fall into two main groups. The first group consists of people who are uncomfortable with taking off their engagement ring for fear of losing it. The second group consists of others who take their rings off all too often. Ultimately, it is important to exercise judgement when it comes to when and where to take your ring off.


When to Take Your Engagement Ring Off:

  • Take your engagement ring off during high impact activities involving your hands. For example, when exercising with weights, rock climbing, or other actions that might result in impact to your ring.
  • Take your engagement ring off during activities involving corrosive substances or those that get your hands dirty. Some of these activities include doing household chores that involve bleach, gardening, pottery making, or doing things with your hands involving viscous materials.
  • Take your engagement ring off at places where objects commonly go missing. For example, while swimming in the ocean or the pool, and in the shower (to avoid it falling down the drain).


When to Keep Your Engagement Ring On:

  • You can keep your engagement ring on while sleeping or to remove and keep in a ring box. This is a personal choice for most people. 
  • You should definitely keep your engagement ring on while washing your hands in public toilets. The last thing you want is to accidentally leave behind your diamond ring on a random sink outside.


Tip 2: Remember to Clean Your Engagement Ring Routinely

A natural build-up of dirt, oil, or other residues on your engagement ring will dull its shine. Singapore’s humid weather also contributes to frequent sweating. Do justice to your precious stone and make sure you clean it at least several times a year.

Clean your engagement ring easily at home by following some simple steps. Alternatively, bring your ring to the jeweller’s to have it professionally cleaned. If you’re the lucky owner of one of our beautiful moissanite engagement rings, you’ll be glad to know that Princess Gem offers complimentary lifetime cleaning and polishing services for our moissanite lovers.


Tip 3: Refrain From Touching or Causing Harm to the Centre Stone

Refrain from touching the centre stone when taking your ring off or putting it back on. This will not only dull its shine but scuffs and scratches might appear over time too. If you need to remove your ring, grab the band instead of the stone. Moissanite might be one of the toughest gemstones on Earth, but they are not indestructible. Owners should take care to avoid accidentally knocking their hands on hard surfaces to protect their engagement rings.


Tip 4: Get Insurance for Your Engagement Ring  

When it comes to something as treasured as an engagement ring, it is better to be safe rather than sorry. Reputable ring vendors usually provide a warranty with any ring purchase. Take care to carefully read through the terms and conditions of their warranty and insurance policy. You might also want to consider external engagement ring insurance if you hope for more financial coverage should you need help repairing or replacing the ring in the future. Founded in Singapore, Princess Gem is pleased to offer a lifetime limited warranty for all moissanite jewellery in our Engagement and Ready to Ship series.


Care for Your Moissanite Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is among the most precious of all the jewellery pieces a girl might own throughout her lifetime. With proper care, you'll be able to preserve the shine, brilliance and overall integrity of your moissanite engagement ring for years to come.