Are diamonds becoming less popular?

are diamonds less popular blog post

Natural Mined Diamonds versus Moissanites

While diamonds are supposed to symbolise some form of eternal love (due to marketing campaigns by De Beers) in marriage or engagement, they have a dark history. Diamonds are highly inflated due to a controlled monopoly, by creating a scarcity of diamonds which resulted in high prices. In light of this, we have decided it is not right to line the pockets of the rich by paying a huge markup for a gemstone that we could get at a much lower price point. We are introducing the next closest gemstone to a diamond, the moissanite. Moissanites are optically similar as diamond, equally as brilliant, passes the diamond test and most of all, it is much more affordable!
Are Diamonds becoming less popular? The answer is yes. Here are the reasons why moissanites are becoming a preferred choice as compared to natural mined diamonds.


Diamonds are very expensive and many people find it a struggle to afford a 1 carat diamond ring. Natural diamonds depreciate instantly once you walk out of the store after purchasing it and you will not be able to recoup back the full sum you spent. You can easily lose over 40% of a diamond's value if you resell it. Moissanites, on the other hand, cost at least 95% lesser than a diamond of similar cut, colour, carat and clarity. Moissanites are preferred because they are optically similar to a diamond and are the next closest gemstone to a diamond.


Moissanite does not lose their shine neither do they turn yellow or become cloudy over time. They are incredibly brilliant and sparkle beautifully, just like a diamond. In comparison with diamonds, moissanites are indistinguishable to the naked eye.


On the Mohs scale, moissanite is next after diamond in terms of hardness and it does not chip. They are very durable and makes a great heirloom to be passed down to your future generation. Moissanites are ideal for daily wear, so you never have to take off your engagement ring.

There are plenty of good reasons to purchase a piece of moissanite jewelry for friends, family, or your lover. They are high-quality, affordable, and long lasting. They are radiant and their brilliance is unmatched!


Environmental Degradation and Unsafe Labour Practices 
Natural diamonds have harmed our environment especially from unregulated mining that destroys biodiversity in the areas that are mined. It takes one tonne of rock to recover less than half a carat of rough diamond. Consumers today are mindful of tainted issues surrounding the diamond mining industry. Conflict diamonds (blood diamonds) are unsustainable and harms both environment and society which has also resulted in forced child labour, unsafe labour practices and environmental disruption around the world. Mining leads to release of high amounts of carbon emissions which contributes to global warming.