Style Icons Who Chose a Gemstone Engagement Ring

Style Icons Who Chose a Gemstone Engagement Ring

princess gem style icons who choose a gemstone engagement ring

Precious gems have, from the earliest days, brought of joy and pleasure to their owners. Quantity and cost do not define the true value of a gemstone. What we know now to be more highly prized is the integrity of the gem, the way it uniquely compliments our personalities and philosophies, and ultimately, the happiness it brings to us.

Those in Singapore hoping to buy a non-diamond engagement ring can take some inspiration from the engagement rings of many style icons and celebrities featuring other elegant gemstones. Read on to learn about what engagement rings adorn their fourth finger. 

1. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge - Sapphire Engagement Ring

Catherine wears an engagement ring with a 12 carat Sapphire centre stone encrusted with 14 solitaire diamonds. Her engagement ring perfectly complements her elegance, grace and dignified personality. The future Queen of England inherited her engagement ring from her mother-in-law, the late Lady Diana, famously known as Princess Diana.

Similarly, some people hope to pass their rings down to the next generation as family heirlooms. For it to last through the ages, ensuring the quality, cut and integrity of the ring is essential. Founded in Singapore, Princess Gem produces our moissanite engagement rings in small batches using state-of-the-art technology and an exclusive formula developed over many years. Measuring at 9.0-9.25 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, moissanite gemstones are one of the hardest substances on earth. Our rings are definitely made to last!

2. Emma Stone - Pearl Engagement Ring

Hollywood royalty Emma Stone is now the wife of Dave McCary. The winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress has the same glamour and star appeal of screen icons from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Her pearl engagement ring, set on an antique-style delicate gold band, reminds us of vintage treasures. Sourced from Japan, the subdued glow of this ring elevates her look with an unstated glamour.

The gold, silver and rose gold moissanite engagement rings offered by Princess Gem all come with a purity certification after rigorous testing by the Singapore Assay Office (SAO)—Singapore’s only recognised and independent authority that certifies precious metal articles.

3. Victoria Beckham - Emerald Engagement Ring (Among Others!)

Still going strong after four children and over two decades of marriage, David Beckham has gifted his bride with over 14 engagement rings throughout the course of their relationship. Among the most stunning and sparkly of her pieces has to be the emerald ring she has sported with some outfits. The vibrant green colour pops off against her glowing tanned skin, making it a sight to behold.

While engagement rings are traditionally associated with marriage proposals, they can also be gifts for special occasions, anniversaries and more. There’s no shame in a girl from Singapore buying some bling for herself either! If you’re not looking for a ring, check out our other moissanite jewellery for some inspiration instead. 

4. Lady Gaga - Pink Gemstone Engagement Ring

Lady Gaga and Christian Carino have since called it quits, but we can still admire the beautiful colours of the pink gemstone on her once-engagement ring. Experts are divided over the exact gemstone sitting in the middle. It might be a pink diamond or a pink sapphire, but ultimately, the name plays second fiddle to the vibrance, beauty and clarity of the gem itself. The “Bad Romance” singer has moved onto bigger and better things, but that stunning pink engagement ring will be one for the history books.

If you prefer a pink-hued band over a pink gemstone, you can opt for a rose-gold engagement ring like the 18K Rose Gold Solitaire Half-Eternity 1 Carat Ring with a sparkling moissanite centre.

5. Beyonce - 18 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

No one does it better than Beyonce when it comes to making a statement, and boy, does her 18 carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring make a statement. While us regular folk can only daydream about being Queen Bey, one can also argue that walking around in Singapore with an 18 carat rock on one’s finger might veer on the side of excessive. After all, we’re trying to get married, not break the bank. Why not stick to a timeless 1 carat solitaire set on a classic gold band instead? 

Conflict-free and Sustainable Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite gemstones make a popular choice for engagement rings. If you’re looking to purchase an engagement ring that’s similar in appearance, hardness, quality and sparkle to a diamond, but without the hefty price tag, moissanite might be the gemstone for you. Not only are our lab-grown moissanites beautiful, they also come without the history of conflict, environmental destruction and child labour associated with diamonds. By choosing a moissanite engagement ring from Princess Gem, you’ll be caring for the Earth as much as you care for the one you love.