Should Singaporean Couples Choose an Engagement Ring Together?

Should Couples Choose an Engagement Ring Together in Singapore?

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A wedding proposal signifies the commitment between two people to live out the rest of their lives in love and marriage. To many, an engagement ring is a physical symbol of this commitment.

While men traditionally choose engagement rings for their future fiancés, many modern-day couples in Singapore and beyond are wondering if picking an engagement ring together is something they hope to experience with their partners.

The upward trend in Millennials and Gen Zs opting to shop for engagement rings together with their partners can be attributed to a variety of reasons.

Why Do Couples Shop For Engagement Rings Together?

Most obviously, shopping for a ring together means that no party will have to navigate the uncertainty of the ring-buying process alone. Both will be able to pick out a ring style that speaks to them and be empowered during the process, knowing that the chosen ring will match their personal taste and preferences. For example, some people want a diamond engagement ring, while others might have another preferred gemstone in mind.

The proposer of the past would have agonised for weeks and months on end over which engagement ring to buy for his sweetheart, only to reveal the ring to her upon the day itself to her delight or dismay. Shopping for an engagement ring together means that the person being proposed to will also have a say in the choice of ring.

The convenience of technology and e-commerce have compelled some couples to browse online catalogues for the right engagement ring, and have it delivered directly to their doorstep. Others flaunt tradition and skip the proposal event altogether, choosing to head down to the jewellery store to pick out a ring as a token of their love for one another.

At the end of a day, the marriage will be between the lover and the beloved. Why shouldn’t the way they choose to demonstrate their commitment towards one another be tailored to their own preferences?

The Benefits of Shopping for an Engagement Ring Together

Shopping for an engagement ring together can be a bonding activity for you to understand your partner’s thoughts on spending (and saving) more intimately. You will be able to discuss each other’s expectations and agree on a suitable (and sensible) budget. Take this as a test drive of future communications on monetary matters that will pop up during married life. Choosing a ring together is also a practical choice that saves time and money on potential hiccups like purchasing an ill-fitting ring and needing to find another that fits perfectly.

Additionally, your partner might abide strongly to certain philosophies, such as not wanting a conflict (blood) diamond for an engagement ring meant to mark the start of your new lives together. Environmental concerns might also compel some to search for a more Earth-friendly gemstone alternative like a moissanite.

Shopping Together for a Ring Guarantees a Smooth Proposal

The most important thing about an engagement ring is not the cost of the ring itself, but the love and devotion it signifies.

Ultimately, all the effort that goes into choosing an engagement ring cumulates in the hope that your significant other will say ‘yes’ to spending the rest of your lives together. Shopping for a ring together makes your intention of building a future with your partner crystal clear and to ensure that your partner loves the ring. The groom knows that the bride-to-be will definitely say ‘yes!’ when he pops the question.

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