Moissanite is one of the leading alternatives to conventional mined diamonds. It is now possible to enjoy a luxurious engagement ring at an affordable price point. 


princess gem diamond comparison chart


All Princess Gem moissanite comes with a certified lab grading report and serial numbers are inscribed directly into the gemstone itself. Princess Gem produces premium grade lab-grown moissanite which follows the stringent benchmark of the 4C's. As a result, each of our moissanites has a near flawless cut, few inclusions and almost colourless.

Colour: DEF (Colourless)
Clarity: VVS (Imperfections not visible to the naked eye.)
Carat: 1.0 carat (approx 6.5mm)
Cut: Excellent


If you are in search of an alternative to a diamond or engagement ring, you may consider moissanite - a gemstone that closely resembles a diamond. Moissanite contains more brilliance and sparkle than a diamond. It is hard to tell the difference between a moissanite and diamond as the distinctions are not easily visible to the naked untrained eye, and it appears almost identical.

Diamonds are not the only gemstones that last forever, moissanites are everlasting too. Moissanite is the only gemstone with the next closest hardness to diamond at a scale of 9.0 - 9.25 Mohs, which also means that moissanites will pass the diamond test. Similarly to diamonds, moissanites are equally resistant to scratches, making it fit for daily wear and the most practical choice for engagement rings. 


Moissanite is the closest diamond alternative and they look identical to a diamond as far as sparkle, hardness, and brilliance is concerned. Moissanite is an actual gemstone that resembles a diamond. 

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most emotional, intimidating and expensive purchase one makes in a lifetime. However, it does not have to be if you do your research well and opt for non-mined diamond options. The cost savings is the biggest benefit of choosing moissanite over a diamond. You get to save a good sum which could be better allocated towards downpayment for a house, an elaborate honeymoon or your wedding's budget.

In contrast to the average 5 digit market rate for a quality 1 carat mined diamond cost, many millennials are opting for a more modest and wallet-friendly purchase for their wearable token. Over the past few years, many couples have chosen moissanite for their engagement ring. In fact, you can also go for a bigger carat ring, and spend less by doing so.

Moissanite is perfect if you want the same look & feel of a diamond jewellery without the ethical dilemma or high cost. All Princess Gem moissanites passes the diamond test and shows up hearts & arrows like a perfect diamond. 


This rare gemstone fell from the sky – literally. It was originally discovered in a meteorite that had crashed many years ago. Due to its brilliance, strength and diamond-like properties, it was recreated in labs using the mineral's composition. Moissanite is a conflict-free affordable alternative to diamonds. As lab-grown gemstones, they have minimal impact on the environment. The best part is that it’s almost identical to mined diamond. Due to its hardness, it is also more durable than other popular gemstones such as sapphire, ruby and emerald.


Moissanites are growing in popularity among eco-conscious diamond purchasers as it is conflict-free and environmentally-friendly. Consumers today are mindful of tainted issues surrounding the diamond mining industry. Conflict diamonds (blood diamonds) are unsustainable and harms both environment and society which has also resulted in forced child labour, unsafe labour practices and environmental disruption around the world.

Princess Gem strongly believes in social responsibility and advocates sustainable, ethical gemstones only. Moissanite is lab grown and so has nowhere near the same carbon footprint or human impact as mining does.

With these advances in technology and a growing desire for more sustainable options, Princess Gem moissanite is the perfect engagement ring type for the ethically conscious.