Saying Yes To The Engagement Ring: 5 Best Days To Propose

5 best days to propose princess gem

You might be ready to pop the big question, but figuring out the right day to take out the engagement ring and propose can still be overwhelming. Although any time of the year is the best time to propose when you are sure about it, you might be thinking of finding a special day to pop the question to make it a bit more meaningful and memorable.

 Here are some of the most popular days that are generally considered the perfect days to propose (plus some tips for planning the proposal event in Singapore:

1. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day tops the list when it comes to picking the best day to get engaged. The day of love, Valentine's Day needs no explanation why it has to be the perfect day for proposing to your beloved. Your partner might already be expecting a surprise date, some chocolates, and roses, but an engagement ring alongside will sway them with surprise. Buy tickets to a play or reserve a corner seat in your favourite restaurant in Singapore and turn it into one of the best memories of your life.

2. Birthday

 Birthdays are special, and you can make them more special by planning a surprising proposal. You will not need any excuse to take your partner on an amazing date around Singapore or plan a dinner or a party at home, if they like it that way.  Gift them something that hints at the proposal, and then surprise them with the engagement ring with their preferred diamond or moissanite gemstone. You can even plan it on your birthday instead of theirs to show how much they mean to you.

3. New Year’s Eve

 Most couples celebrate by partying or toasting for the new year when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. Normally, nobody is expecting to get a diamond on this day, but you can turn the start of the new year into something more meaningful by popping up the question. The New Year also brings in numerous possibilities for how you can plan a proposal and surprise your significant other with the engagement ring. For example, you can cook a special meal at home and offer the ring along with the dessert while telling them how you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

4. Christmas

 Christmas is another day that seems logical for a proposal. People are already having the work days off, hence you can plan for a staycation in Singapore or go abroad with your love interest. You can even celebrate this day with your family members and friends, and announce them about your engagement, or involve them in planning your surprise proposal. Plan out a special way to propose that makes them say a huge ‘Yes’ to the ring. 

5. Your Special Day

There is no such thing as the perfect day to propose. You can even consider a day that is special for you and your partner, such as the day you first met or had your first date, or said ‘I Love You’. Choosing a special date that is significant to you and your partner will show you have put thoughts and feelings in planning the proposal. You can decide to meet at the place of your first meeting, order the same dish that you had, or try to recreate your first meeting, as that will evoke the feeling of nostalgia.

Proposals are incomplete without a ring. And if you have decided upon the day you are going to pop the question, now is the time to start looking for the engagement ring that will do the magic. At Princess Gem you will find an extensive collection of luxurious moissanite rings that are perfect for every proposal. Ladies can check out the men’s rings series as men love to be surprised too!

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