A new generation of diamond gemstones, of new purity, ethical, respectful of humans and nature. A diamond from our time, with an eternity turned towards the future. 

At Princess Gem, we believe that you can’t put a price tag on love, which is why we offer modern French-influenced jewellery that is 100% guaranteed conflict-free with minimal impact on the environment. Everyone deserves a little sparkle in their lives, whether it is to mark a lifetime commitment, a special occasion such as anniversary/birthdays or simply to say “I love you”. With our stunning range of minimalist Parisian designs, you’ll have everything you need to create your modern fairy-tale.

The New Era of Engagement Rings 

Princess Gem is the go-to label for the most exquisite modern, ethical pieces of jewellery on a more realistic budget. It was founded by a visionary Singaporean millennial with a big dream and a three-pronged goal: to offer sophisticated engagement rings at revolutionary prices, never to compromise on exceptional quality and to uphold ethical standards by offering exclusively conflict-free jewellery.

It all started with the hunt for the perfect engagement ring. The challenge lay in that the rings that were most stunning comes at a premium with unknown diamond sources and more affordable options just didn’t stand up to the design quality and magnificence of the rest. Princess Gem was born from our founder’s dissatisfaction with the options on the engagement ring market and is intended to bridge the gap between luxurious and more affordable, socially-conscious engagement rings.

It took years to develop the exclusive formula and state-of-the-art technology behind the perfect lab-grown gemstone – the Princess Gem Moissanite. Our handcrafted moissanites bear a striking resemblance to natural diamonds, which is exactly why they are the perfect alternative. Each lab-grown gemstone is flawlessly replicated by our master craftsmen, follows the conventional grading of the traditional diamonds; 4 C's - clarity, cut, colour and carat weight - and passes the diamond test to ensure maximum brilliance.

The brilliance, colour and durability of a moissanite make it a magnificent stone to celebrate your lifetime commitment and commemorate your love.

Whatever the occasion, you are guaranteed to make a big statement with a little pink box from Princess Gem. Happily ever after is waiting!

With Love,
Princess Gem Co


Gentle and Kind
Moissanites cut out the mining process and, therefore, have minimal environmental impact when compared to traditional stones like diamonds. By choosing a moissanite, you are choosing to care for the earth as gently as you care for the one you love.

Precious Beyond Value
The best moments in your love story have immeasurable value because it is impossible to put a price tag on happiness. Your Princess Gem ring is an expression of the purest form of love and stands as a symbol of your partner’s dedication to your lives together - perfectly designed in the stars.

Made To Last
As solid as the foundation of your love, moissanite measures at 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, making it one of the hardest substances on earth and completely suitable for everyday wear. You can take comfort in knowing that, just like your commitment to your soulmate, moissanites are unbreakable.

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