5 Reasons to Buy Lab Grown Moissanite Rings in Singapore

halo solitaire round brilliant cut 1 carat princess gem diamond moissanite ring

Looking for an engagement ring? Perhaps you’re confused if you should get natural diamonds or to go for the lab grown ones? It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend - but have you heard of the new saying that lab grown diamonds are a girl’s new best friend? Almost identical to mined diamonds, we cover the many reasons why rings featuring lab grown diamonds just might be the better option if you’re looking for a remarkable piece of jewellery. 

1. Quality

If you have read about how lab grown moissanite gems are made, you’ll know that they fare equally to ral diamonds in terms of quality and beauty - that already gives you one reason to choose them over their natural counterparts. The traditional method of grading which looks into the 4C’s, namely, Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat are also applicable to lab grown moissanite. Thus, there is no compromise in terms of quality as these lab-grown stones are also formed when carbon is subjected to the right heat and pressure conditions - same as in the case of natural diamonds. 

2. Cost-Effective 

With wedding expenses shaking your budget, you would want to save as much as you can on your engagement ring. This is where lab grown moissanite rings come in with their unrivalled affordability, allowing you to save a lot while still allowing you enjoy the beauty of diamonds without any compromise on quality. The process of creating them takes a lot less time than naturally mined gemstones but the entire process will still result in diamonds of the same physical, chemical and visual appeal. Moreover, by looking into the 4Cs carefully, you can even further cut the cost of your wedding or engagement ring. 

3. Eco-Friendly

Everyone is well aware of the harsh consequences diamond mining has on the environment. A huge area of land is disturbed and a lot of minerals are wasted in order to mine a carat of natural diamond.  Lab grown moissanite is sustainable and just might be the best solution if you want to contribute to environmental preservation. The process to create a lab grown engagement ring is similar to that of natural diamonds. The only difference is that the creation of the former is all done in a lab. This mitigates any issues related to any damages to the environment or requiring the involvement of unethical business practices. 

4. Ethically-Sourced 

As the moissanite gemstone is created in the lab, it is obtained in an ethical way which includes decent working conditions, taking care of business ethics, and health and safety of the makers involved. Unlike naturally mined diamonds, engagement rings possessing moissanite gemstones are conflict-free as their creation does not involve forced child labour and other unsafe labour practices. That is one of the major reasons most Singaporeans are slowly shifting towards these ethically-sourced stones. 

5. The Future is Here

The technology to create lab grown diamonds is not new in Singapore, and a lot of people have begun noticing them lately. Lab-created gemstones have the same properties as mined ones, hence, they give the same illusion and clarity as natural diamonds but with reduced cost. This clearly emphasises that they are the future, and most people will be seen wearing lab grown, guilt-free and affordable moissanite gemstones in a matter of time.

With all the above reasons to buy a lab grown engagement ring, you can now make an informed decision. In case, if you have made up your mind to care for the earth, and make big savings by investing in conflict-free moissanite, you can consider Princess Gem for our extensive collection of lab grown moissanite engagement rings that will add the perfect sparkle to your proposal. Our extensive collection is the best alternative to mined diamonds and can be purchased at an affordable price. To complete the package, you can even check out our earrings and necklace collection.

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